Logistics and Transportation

International Trade:

It is possible to have the logistics of exporting done for you so that you can keep as many of your resources as free as possible. Galaxy Contracting International has partnered with companies that can take the stress and the time-consuming tasks off the shoulders of the business. This is important since exporters have to understand the terms of international shipping. It is also good to have guidance on how to price merchandise profitably.


At Galaxy Contracting International, we have companies that focus purely on logistics with an emphasis on e-commerce and what it entails in order to keep customers happy and businesses running smoothly. Although a person can carefully choose items online, there are times when items arrive at their destination damaged or may not be what the buyer expected. Size is also an issue since it can be easy to purchase a wrong size on the internet. This can be difficult for a company to handle in-house, so it requires the help of a third-party logistics company to handle the returns. Returns equal nearly $1 billion annually, which is a lot. By outsourcing reverse logistics, many of the limitations are lifted so companies can continue smooth business operations with customers around the world.